Lord of the Rings & Emilie Autumn

Ah, Lord of the Rings. My very favourite of all favourite favourite fandoms. (Did I mention this was my favourite?) A smallish batch today- 15- but I like them ^_^

There are also 7 icons of Emilie Autumn. Why? Because she has pink hair that I happen to think rocks alot. (Yes. I really am that superficial.)

As well as icons I gave Foxglove a new layout. Pretty, pretty Keira. I have no idea how it looks for people who aren't using 800x600.










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*loves #2 and #5*
Thanks. Go the Rohan Love! *grins*
squeee! I'm totally snagging 19! Thanks!
Glad you like it!
ARGH! You're trying to kill me!

They're gorgeous. I took 3, 16, 18.
*laughs eeeeeevilly*

It's really all your fault. I'd never even heard of her before you pimped her ^_^
...taking # 3 & 13...what does # 11 say on the second line? if you could make me a #11 without the second line---just the part that says "all that lives must die." thanks!!!

~lotr freak
I don't have a base for 13 anymore, so I can't really edit that out. Sorry. And I usually don't use such ridiuclously small text... it says 'All that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity' It's a Hamlet quote.
Taking #2 and #4. Merci! :)

What does Emilie Autumn do in life?

I admit, I'm in it more for the outfit, but hey. :) Snagging six and eight, and may be back for some of the Emilie ones. :)

Re: What does Emilie Autumn do in life?

She's a singer (I've never heard anything by her though. I was competetly about the look!) I'm rather fond of her outfit too...
took the pippin one number 10 will credit great icons
thanks ^_^
Took #8, because it's so pretty and green.
It is very green, isn't it... ^_^

Pump pump pumps your blood.

TAking one and seven. Will Credit, sworn enemy of the baNdwidth pirates. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince? Lovely work!

Re: Pump pump pumps your blood.

*laughs* I really hope that's not really what the book is going to be called...
Ahh! I love these icons. Their gorgeous!

Pink hair = teh cool.
My thoughts exactlly ^_^
I took 15, It was just too pretty to pass up :)
Thanks ^_^
Stealing all the Emilie icons. *twitches* They’re beautiful. Didn’t I already comment? xX; Oh well.
Thanks ^_^
*cries* I'm way too late for first comment!


I will say, though. Number 6? Perfect Circle lyrics!!!
you gotta be quick around here ^_^

and, yep!
Oooooooooh. Background puuurdy.
Course. It's Keira. *grins* notobsessed.
1-5, 7-8, & 11. Credited. :)
Took #3 for later use. Will credit!
I took #2, thanks. Very nice icons.
Thank you ^_^
Took number 7, will credit when used. <3
Emilie is my fave female singer..am SO snagging.You should use her lyrics next time..totally gorgeous!
I've been using them on some of my icons. I think the last lot of King Arthur had lots.

Strangly, I've only downloaded her music tonight...because people kept commenting about the icons!
This icons are beautiful! *runs out and friends, snatches 3, 19*
Will credit.
*grins* Glad you like!
Yay, some fellow EA fans at last! She's so amazing, and very talented - can't wait for her next album to appear. Snagged the Emilie icons.
2 and 3 will definitely credit! your amazing man
Awww, thanks!


thank you. such pretty icons.
# 3! :) Will credit when used.
Taken #19, she has now intrigued me.
Ah, that's how I started.

And now I have all her music and am a full blown fan. I blame these icons ^_^
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