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Movies: Repo! The Genetic Opera

~// 31 Repo! The Genetic Opera





I love you.

These are all made of total win.

Stolen a bunch. Will credit! <333
WOO! Oh my god, I have to steal some of these. Awesomeness!!!
Thank you! enjoy!
These are awesome! I'm going to yoink a bunch of these. XD
Dude, these are gorgeous. I so did a double take to find this journal had been the one updated. COOL!!
It's a little bit unbelievable, isn't it? It's been years it seems...
O.o Years?
Well, not quite. But maybe almost A year!
Awesome x800! Snagged a hand full :)
I'll credit when I use them of course <3
Thank you ^_^
The icon you're posting with is damn sexy :D
I love love LOVE your icons! Took 'Graverobber'

These are amazing! Thank you so much! Saved a bunch.
Saved a bunch of these, will credit. :)
saw these on the board, taking a few for us in this journal and my personal journal on IJ. Many thanks!
Enjoy! :)
Fantastic, thank you so much!
You need to make more of these =]
Have stolen 14 for a forum, and 13 and 24 for on here.
I remember first seeing these on the Repo forums and totally loving them. (I'm StEssex over there.) Nicking a few of these for the repo_macros community I'm trying to put together (because nothing brings in an internet crowd like macros!). Amazing work on these. ♥
Repo macros! :D
Your icons are the Awesome!

Join the repo_icons community!!
*hyperventilates* OMG AN UPDATE. ...*checks journal* And it's been a while! YAY! That's not a 'YAY' that's been awhile, but more of a 'YAY an update after several months' thing.

I can't believe I missed these! These icons would've gotten me interested in this thing faaaaaar sooner than now. Mmmm, Tony Head. Paris...I never thought she was a "pretty" girl, but her with black hair is all kinds of creepy. Sarah Brightman looks gorgeous, as usual, and I'm probably looking forward to her most.

THAT SAID - these.are.AWESOME. Love the Blind Mag ones (29 and 30 are creepy, 28 is without a doubt the coolest thing I've ever seen of Sarah), and of course, I must love all the Graverobber (especially 2 - he looks insane in what little you see of him. Awesome cropping there.), Tony looks gorgeous as always, especially in 10. They're all awesome, even the Paris ones. (...I never thought I'd say that.)

Snagging...um, several, and as always, you know I credit when used.

I know, I never post here. I can never be bothered making full icons anymore, it's all just bases for burlesque_show now. Sigh.

They're all awesome, even the Paris ones. (...I never thought I'd say that.)

I never ever thought I would MAKE Paris icons! It's my world gone mad!

ENJOY, BABY! Spread the Repo! love!
REPOOOOOO! These are pretty amazing. Taking a bunch, will credit. Love the colors.


I love you for your icons, stole some, will credit.
Lovely! Took 15 & 27.
I took one a while back, and now I'm taking some more. :) I always credit.
These are so FUCKING amazing!!!

Taking a whole bunch and will credit if/when used. <3

snagging 21. Awesome!
Thank you so so so so much for these. <3
awesome icons
Drifted by of an evening...snagged nearly all of them.

Adore this in a very major way (the movie, and the icons).

Do you know they're up for a pre-nom for the Oscars? They may get one of the coveted five Best Song spots for "Zydrate Anatomy", "Chase the Morning", and/or "Chromaggia"--all three are up for being chosen.

And the film's already been nominated for four Golden Globes. Very keen!

I will credit when I use.
I heard about the awards stuff - it's CRAZY, but of course very very awesome :D Enjoy the icons!
I saved, like...basically almost all of them, for real. Awesome work!
These are all seriously fantastic. I snagged a bunch! (nearly all the Graverobber ones.. *swoon*) will credit! :)
OMG. I freaking LOVE these. I took 2, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25, 28,29, 30 and 31. w00t. Will credit. Thanks.