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Foxglove Icons

My icon journal.

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  • foxglove_icons@livejournal.com

Hello, welcome to the icon journal of Circe (_honeyspider) Current layout features model Ruslana Korshunova. (And was made by the awesome cynnabug using orginal codes faceon)

I tend to spam this place an awful lot with a huge range of things. So stay tuned...

At the moment the most common icons you'll find showing up here are:

Models & fashion related (Gemma Ward, Jessica Stam, Cintia Dicker...)
Music, often less well known and often from Europe...
Assorted actresses. Sometimes there are male actors but so much more often it's the ladies.

For a complete list of everything I've made to date check out the interest list. Or you can find all icon posts by browsing through the memories.

Comment I like to know who is taking what. Comment even if you're not taking anything. I like to hear what people think.
Credit I prefer in the picture keywords (ie: 'icon by foxglove_icons' or something) I won't hunt you down for not crediting, but it's just polite is all.
DON'T HOTLINK. I would have thought this was obvious, but my bandwidth is being crippled. Please, save them to your own server and don't steal my space.
Share All icons are for sharing. Anything posted up is free for anyone. You don't need to ask if you can use it, just tell me you are. ^_^ If I've posted it up then it means you can use it.
Friending There's no friending policy. If you want to friend foxglove_icons go ahead and do so. ^_^
Nominations will make me squee alot. If you're nominating me somewhere let me know though ^_^
Customising Don't, please. I'm proud of the icons I post, so unless they say they're bases, keep them as is.
Enjoy the icony goodness


brushes and templates

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